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2 YouTube Channels for unique homes

Growing up as a kid, I loved going to open houses with my mom. We were usually not in the market for a new house, but in the ’90s the only way to peek inside a strangers house and not be creepy was to wait for it to go on the market. With the invention of YouTube and people’s overall willingness to let people see inside their homes and lives, you can now tour a seemingly endless number of homes.

Here are 2 of my favorite YouTube channels that feature unique homes. Continue reading

Are you a confident person?

Have you ever taken time to think about why you’re confident or what makes you feel confident? When I stopped using products that contained artificial fragrance, I didn’t intend to deflate my confidence. Over the last 8 months, however, I’ve noticed how dependent I was on fragrance to increase my confidence.

Do you remember that deodorant commercial from the 1980s with people who were confident to raise their arms? Continue reading

Community as currency

Community as currency.

This phrase has been knocking around my head for a week. After listening to the Vicki Robin’s interview on Mad Fientist podcast, I was struck by her pivot to focus on resources, specifically

community as a resource that is more valuable as a form of currency than financial wealth.

For days after the interview, I looked for examples of community functioning as currency in my daily life. I came up with less than a handful of examples. Continue reading

No cup, No car lifestyle is not easy!

Earlier this year I watched ‘Before the Flood’ and was inspired to take action to reduce my impact on the environment. In particular, I took on 2 challenges:

  1. Not using disposable drinking cups (including plastic water bottles)
  2. Going 1 day per week without driving or riding in a car

A month and a half into the challenge, a key theme has emerged:

Achieving sustainable living goals requires planning.

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Buy vs Rent?

Have you ever asked a new homeowner why he or she decided to buy? Your question was probably met with confusion: did you mean to ask why he or she bought this particular house? Of course they researched the heck out of the neighborhood: the quality of schools, the density of the tree canopy, the Jones’ lifestyle choices. And they definitely spent countless hours watching ‘Fixer Upper.’ How else would they know they want granite counter tops and lots of shiplap? Continue reading

Have you seen ‘Before the Flood’?

If not, gather your friends and watch it here.

This film has stayed with me since I saw it months ago, and I have not been able to stop thinking about the conclusions. That my generation will likely be the first to see the devastating impacts of climate change not just on our environment, but on our lives and our homes, is sobering. Continue reading

Finding Home

Today’s post was supposed to be about how to create a short list of must-haves for your future home. It’s difficult to write that post, however, when you the author don’t even know what’s on your own short list. So today I’m sharing a thought on what home is, jotted down after we decided not to buy a house that, in retrospect, was just kind of okay. Continue reading