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Buy vs Rent?

Have you ever asked a new homeowner why he or she decided to buy? Your question was probably met with confusion: did you mean to ask why he or she bought this particular house? Of course they researched the heck out of the neighborhood: the quality of schools, the density of the tree canopy, the Jones’ lifestyle choices. And they definitely spent countless hours watching ‘Fixer Upper.’ How else would they know they want granite counter tops and lots of shiplap? Continue reading

How to choose a realtor (Part 1)

When I was young, my family moved several times in less than a decade. We had a wonderful realtor who was always part of the process of selecting the house and getting settled. I assumed I would use a realtor to find my first house. In fact, it never occurred to me that you could buy a house without one. A lot of people successfully find and purchase that perfect abode on their own.

Inspired by others stories of success without a realtor, my husband and I initially started searching on our own. Continue reading

Before you search, know your credit score

Part of growing up is doing boring things consistently in anticipation of future benefits. Saving money in retirement accounts, getting an annual physical, exercising – all good examples of boring activities that pay off. One thing you should do (or start doing) if you plan to live somewhere other than your parent’s house, track your credit score. Continue reading