Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon

Canyons are formed through years of water and wind etching away the rocky landscape. Floods in particular play an important role in creating the canyons. Page, AZ is known for slot canyons, which are very narrow canyons through the rocks formed mostly by flash floods. Slot canyons are usually shorter in length from .5 miles with some going up to 1.5 miles end to end. Antelope Canyon is the most popular slot canyon, and hordes of people visit each day. Since I don’t really like crowds, I searched for a slot canyon tour that would be equally as beautiful but with less people.

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours is owned and operated by a Navajo family who have a slot canyon on the Grandmother’s property. Months ago when I booked, the main draw was that they offer private tours of the canyon. What I had not anticipated was the opportunity to hear the firsthand history of a Navajo family and ask questions about their way of life, past and present. Our guide, Trey, also showed me how to use the filters on my iPhone to take better photos. And he played a traditional flute as we walked the canyon which made it feel almost magical.

Learning to use the Chrome filter on the iPhone

Detailed view of the rock texture

The path was not straight but it sure was narrow!

After the tour we picked up a few snacks at Walmart and drove about an hour to Lees Ferry. The campground is first come first served, and we were nervous about getting a spot. We arrived to find 2 other groups camping, and neither of them picked the best spot. We quickly claimed it and set up camp while the Colorado River bubbled by in the background.

Our neighbor Dave had a vintage Aristocrat trailer he’d fixed up and painted turquoise. So cute!

After setting up camp, we visited the Navajo Bridge where we saw 2 California condors. Special thanks to our friends Jim and Bonnie for the recommendation. We returned to camp for sunset and dinner. Dave let us know which direction to face for the moonrise. I have never seen anything like it. It was spectacular.

Sunset over the canyon walls behind Lees Ferry Campground

Moonrise over the Colorado River at Lees Ferry Campground

We did not use the tent’s rain fly so we could fall asleep under the almost-full moon. Camping perfection…

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