Walking in Memphis

Days 1 and 2 of the great 2017 roadtrip took us to Memphis, a city that I love more than may be rational. We drove the 10ish hours from Charlotte to Memphis and went straight to Rhodes College. The campus was close to deserted given it was Friday at 5 on a holiday weekend. I’d forgotten how quiet and peaceful it feels. After a quick stroll around campus we checked in at our Airbnb, took a nap, and grabbed dinner at Memphis Pizza Cafe. We were still tired even after a nap so opted for an early bedtime.

Saturday we hit the ground running. We were out the door by 7:30am and didn’t come home until 9:30pm. To fuel up for our day, we went to Brother Junipers. This is hands down my favorite breakfast place in Memphis. From the hostess to the waiters to the menus to the decor, little has changed in the last decade. And the food is still so delicious. Unlike in my early 20s, however, I was unable to clean my plate… but I still loved every bite!

Next, we headed to Graceland to pay our respects to the king. There are 3 places in Memphis I recommend visiting: Graceland, Sun Studios, and the National Civil Rights Museum. We had time to visit only 1, and my husband really likes Elvis, so to Graceland we went! It has grown so much in the 10 years since I last visited. There are so many more artifacts on display helping to piece together the life and time of Elvis.

The front of the Graceland Mansion that Elvis bought for $102k when he was 22.

We’ve all got bills to pay…

We worked up an appetite and headed to Central BBQ. I almost drove past the place because they added a permanent shelter above the patio. And the line went to the sidewalk. It took 10 minutes to find a parking space…a block away. But it was worth it. And we took a small bag of chips for the road.

Next we intended to walk along the river but it was hot and muggy. We were driving along riverside when a giant logo on the pyramid caught our attention. Bass Pro Shop bought the pyramid. As we got closer we could see people walking on the top! I wanted to do that! $20 later we were riding the largest freestanding elevator to the top of the pyramid and walking out on the viewing decks. Talk about an amazing view of the Mississippi. It was incredible. Definitely adding it to the list of Must See Memphis attractions. You can grab a drink or a bite to eat at the top. It would be awesome to be there when the sun is setting.

But we still had several hours of daylight left and Jeremy wanted to see the drinking goats at Silkys. Turns out PETA intervened a few years back and the goats are now on the wagon. We drank a few for them and enjoyed the live music and people watching. We moseyed down to the new Beale Street landing and watched the sunset. A lovely ending to our Memphis visit

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